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Why Retirement Should Not Be Your Goal

I have a friend who first started contributing to a 401k when he was an intern in college. His goal from the start is still his goal today - to retire as soon as possible.

Except that's not really his goal.

Allow me to explain.

My friend is responsible with his finances, but he's not frugal nor is he a spendthrift. He loves playing golf, taking road trips to college football games and finding any reason he can to barbecue and tailgate with his family & friends. He might not love his job, but it enables to live a meaningful life now and save and invest so that he can maintain his lifestyle well into his future.

While retirement may be his destination, his real goal is having the financial independence necessary to pursue his passions.

If you are merely retiring FROM a job you dislike instead of retiring TO something, I'm afraid your retirement is missing a key element of happiness – MEANING.

Remember, money is just a vehicle and retirement is merely a destination. When paired together, they can provide you with independence and freedom, but you'll need passion, purpose and meaning in order to find true happiness.