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Three Things #8

Here are three things I've come across lately that I think you'll enjoy:

We know we want to be happy and we often do things that we think will make us happy. But what are the things we do that take away our happiness in the first place? Henrik Edberg shares seven habits that steal our happiness and what to do about it in his recent article for the Positivity blog.

Andrew Sullivan's longform article on his information addiction is a cautionary tale anyone with an internet connection & a smartphone can benefit from. Having endless information only a click away is incredible, but it also can become incredibly dangerous if left unchecked as Sullivan shares. This would be a good one to print out, put the phone away and spend some time reading.

And finally, I think you'll love Ben Carlson's post on 10 purchases that are worth your money. The struggle against lifestyle inflation is a constant one. Should we spend more? Should we save more? Should we do both and if so, how much to each? Ben shares purchases he's made that are totally worth the spend and should help you frame some of your spending decisions too.


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