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Three Things #7


Here are three things I've come across lately that I think you'll enjoy:

Seth Godin tackles a struggle we all deal with in his brilliant post, “Teaching certainty”. And as Seth aptly points out, the way we're taught to learn in school doesn't help us cope with the uncertainty life throws our way either.

Jason Fried reminds us that we can keep things simple in his excellent post about how his company spun off their non-core business into it's own company using a simple, one-page agreement. As Jason explains in his post, all things are naturally simple until we allow them to become complicated. Simple isn't easy, but it is definitely possible.

And finally, if you watch the news or use the internet, it's almost impossible not to get sucked into the negativity vortex these days. That's why I found Morgan Housel's post, “What A Time To Be Alive”, to be the positive reminder I needed. One of the best ways to combat pessimism is to remind ourselves how amazing of a time we're lucky to living in. Morgan does an excellent job highlighting just that in his post.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Three Things. Don't hesitate to reach out when you're ready to discuss how to get from where you are to where you want to go.