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Three Things #6

Here are three things I've discovered recently that you might find helpful:

Ben over at A Wealth of Common Sense reminds us that NO ONE has it all figured out. He also poo-poo's the idea of a perfect work/life balance. Read his post here on Disrupting Your Own Happiness.

Jay at Life & Whim writes one of my favorite lifestyle blogs. In addition to being a big part of our decision to vacation in Traverse City this past summer, he wrote a another gem that tackles the what if question and reminds us that the easy way is usually the wrong way. Check out Obstacle to Opportunity.

Finally, Lyn at The College Solution provides a fantastic resource for families with kids getting closer to college in her blog post 10 Things You Need To Know About Expected Family Contributions. She takes the complex calculation that determines your expected family contribution (EFC) and breaks it down into information you can use. Whether you have kids approaching college or will in the future, Lyn's post and her site are both excellent resources.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Three Things. Don't hesitate to reach out when you're ready to have a conversation about aligning your lifestyle & finances.