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The Importance of Taking Vacations

Reagan's first time on the tennis court. She lasted five minutes.

Michelle, Reagan and I try to take a vacation someplace warm every February. Chicago winters are long and our February trip gives us something to look forward to as the cold settles in.

You probably haven't heard many financial planners say this before, but vacations are an important part of your financial planning.

While a traditional plan might focus exclusively on your future life, the lifestyle approach to financial planning that we implement focuses on enjoying life now and in the future.

It's all about balancing your current & future priorities.

I strongly believe you should not be devoting ALL of your financial resources towards what is an unknowable future. You'll end up missing out on experiences and relationships that you could have enjoyed.

We don't want to leave any life on the table.

Our lifestyle approach to financial planning highlights the importance of experiences like vacations and travel both now and in the future. Our approach provides the confidence that you can afford them and the comfort necessary to relax and actually enjoy your vacations.

So why embrace a lifestyle approach to your financial planning?

You'll escape the numbers game and spend more time planning your next vacation.