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Office Updates

Here are some office related updates I'd like to share with you.

1) I moved my office...upstairs.

The folks I rent space from needed the entire first floor so I relocated to the second floor. Same address as before - 224 S Marion Street, Oak Park, IL - but now I'm upstairs.

2) Meetings now available in Forest Park and La Grange.

Suite Spotte is a great co-working community with locations in Forest Park and La Grange. As a member, I have access to meeting rooms and I'm happy to meet with you at either spot if that's easier / closer for you.

3) In-home meetings now available in Riverside

I love calling Riverside home and we can meet at your home in Riverside if thats easier for you.

4) Online meetings always available

I'm also happy to meet with you online. Zoom, my online meeting app, makes it easy with HD audio, video conferencing, and screen sharing all from the comfort of your own computer, tablet, or phone.

Ready for a call? Time to book a meeting?

Here's my online calendar.