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How To Create Meaningful Goals

Let's be honest here:

Financial planning is boring.

Most people don't enjoy thinking about getting older and the piles of money they will need to have saved in order to take care of themselves later in life.

How do we get past this hurdle?

How do we make financial planning inspiring instead from something we actively avoid?

You start by creating meaningful goals. You just have to know where to find them.

So what's the secret?

Meaningful goals usually start out as a pipe dream.

What if we move to the beach?

How about if I take a year off to travel?

Could I really quit my job and start my own business?

They are the ideas that both excite and scare us.

We often keep them to ourselves for fear of being deemed crazy. They can be dismissed as being unrealistic or we think that there is no way they could ever happen.

Allow yourself to be crazy and unrealistic. Dream first, then plan.

I'm not telling you that all your dreams are going to come true. However, you'd be surprised by what's possible when you create meaningful goals and craft a plan to achieve them.

Financial planning doesn't have to be boring, but it will be if it lacks meaning.

Don't limit yourself. It never hurts to start by considering all of the possibilities.