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How to be Intentional and Find the Best Financial Planner for You

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The best financial planners will help you build a bridge to your goals. If you’re preparing for the future, while enjoying the now, you need to find a financial planner who understands what your abundant lifestyle looks like.

Not everyone is ready for financial planning services. But if you’re struggling to reach your financial goals on your own, or if you’re wondering if you could be more effective in your savings and budgeting, it’s probably time to look for someone to help you bridge the gap.

How to find a financial planner that is right for you:

1) Philosophy: Start with discovering the planner’s approach. Some planners are all about the spreadsheets. Other planners are really into specific financial products. My personal approach is to focus on goals first and then talk numbers. There’s no one right way to do it -- but it’s vital that you and your planner agree on how to build a foundation for your financial future.

2) Training: You might have noticed that financial professionals often list an alphabet soup’s worth of designations after their names. Training and certification tell you a lot about a financial planner’s pay-structure, fiduciary requirements and independence. I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, which means I’m licensed and regulated by the CFP® Board and held to their high educational and ethical standards. To learn more about CFP’s® visit Let’s Make a Plan.  

3) Fiduciary Standard: It’s critical to find financial planners who will act as your fiduciary.  Meaning, your financial advisor takes an oath to protect your best interests. There are lots of ways to earn money by selling people unnecessary or complicated financial products. Fiduciaries are compensated in a way that allows them to put your needs first.

4) Experience: When you trust a financial planner to advise your saving, investing and working toward big life goals–it’s important to go find a financial planner with experience in the marketplace. To become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, you have to have at least 3-years experience in the personal financial planning field.

When you start interviewing financial planners it's helpful to have questions ready. You’ll find the best financial planner for you and your family if you know what kind of planner you’re looking for.

For me, it really boils down to your goals.

So, if you’ve got that nagging feeling that you could be doing more with your money, you’re probably ready to find a financial planner that can help you make sure nothing’s slipping through the cracks.

Schedule a free call so we can discuss your goals and talk about how you can get there.

I’d love to answer all your questions to find out if we’d make a good financial planning partnership.