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Getting There

Swingers was one of my favorite movies back in the day.

My favorite scene is when Mikey and Rob are playing golf. They are on the putting green when Rob yells “Get there!” at his putt...which he leaves about 5 feet short of the hole. Now before I lose you into a vast sea of YouTube clips, let's make that lifestyle & planning connection, shall we?

In the end, all that matters is getting there.

The longer I've worked with folks helping them get wherever it is they are headed, the more I've come to embrace and appreciate this simple truth.

HOW you go about getting there is not important. There are MILLIONS of ways you can be successful.

So what is important?

Find a system that works for you. Then stick to that system for a really long time.

Getting there, wherever there is for you, requires you to behave responsibly over long periods of time. Your success hinges on accountability. The road to failure is lined with lapses in behavior & discipline.

The best system in the world is crap if you can't stick with it.

Stop seeking out the best system. A “good enough” system that you follow is just fine.

Remember, it's all about getting there.

And don't forget, as Andy Bernard reminds us...

Dude, you are so money but you don't even know it...but you do.