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3 Steps to Help Reduce Financial Stress, Gain Clarity, and Upgrade Your Life

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Are stress & anxiety preventing you from living your great life? Being an adult can be exhausting.

Where do I need to take the kids today?

Does the car have gas in it?

Do we have any food in the house for dinner?

And that's before you consider the bigger questions.

Is a private school for the kids worth it?

How do we balance saving for college with saving for our future the right way?

Why do we feel guilty about how much we spend on our family vacation?

It's easy to accept these concerns as part of being an adult. This is the common response especially if you're not sure how to fix it. I know I've struggled through these same concerns myself, but shouldn't there be a better way?

Here are three simple steps to help reduce your stress & anxiety and upgrade your life in the process:

Write it down

You must, must, must begin by getting it all out of your head.

The internal story you've created rarely matches your reality. Start by writing down what's got you worried and what you know to be true about your situation. This will help you put aside how you're feeling and focus instead on the facts of your situation.

Find the problem

Once you've written down your concerns, you can now go about finding the real issues. For example...

If you can't keep up with everybody's schedule, you're not forgetful, but perhaps not having a family calendar is making you feel like you are.

If you're not sure if private school is worth it, you probably haven't clearly established your family's priorities, but that doesn't make you a bad parent for questioning the value vs the cost.

And if you're feeling guilty about what you're spending on your family vacation, you're probably just missing the necessary financial framework to help make these types of decisions with clarity & comfort.

Make the necessary changes & be accountable

You've now overcome your inner monologue by writing down your concerns and you've identified your problems. Nice work but remember that your good intentions must be implemented. To paraphrase Robert Frost...

The only way out is through.

You can create your family calendar, but you need to write down your events to use it properly. You can establish your family's priorities, but they are only useful if you live by them. And you can create a financial framework for making good decisions, but it only works if you apply it in your life. Make the necessary changes and be accountable to yourself.

You don't have to accept stress and anxiety as standard operating procedure for your adult life. Instead, you can choose clarity & comfort when you use this three step approach to help upgrade your life.

Ready to upgrade your life? I help guide families like yours through this process everyday. Book a time and we'll get started.